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Collin College offers tutoring services free of charge to currently enrolled Collin students.

The following tutoring services are available:

Do you need tutoring?

There are two ways you can request tutoring services. 

1.  Electronic Submission of Tutor Request or
2.  Tutor Request Form (additional details are on the form, such as fax number)

How can you get the most out of tutoring?

• Check the catalog description to be sure you have completed all prerequisite courses.

• Read all assignments and attempt homework problems beforehand.

• Be prepared to ask specific questions.

• Bring your textbook/workbook, notes, and any other materials used in class to all tutoring sessions.

Note:  Although every effort is made to get tutoring for every student who requests it, there is no guarantee.

Do you want to be a group tutor?

Click on the group tutor flyer.  This flyer details pay rates, requirements, and who you need to contact for an appointment.