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Respiratory Care
2014 - 2015 Respiratory Care Program Information


Program Option:
AAS - Respiratory Care
MSAA - Electrocardiography

Collin’s Respiratory Care Program prepares individuals for an allied health specialty in clinical care and management of respiratory disorders. The 22-month program graduates students with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and qualifies the individual to apply for the Registered Respiratory Therapist board examination given by the National Board for Respiratory Care.

Mathematics and science courses that are part of the curriculum but completed at a regionally accredited institution, must have been completed within five years of the fall semester of the admission year in order to receive transfer credits. The minimum passing grade for all Respiratory Care lecture, lab and clinical course work is 75 percent.

Students planning to transfer to a college or university should check with the Collin academic advisor prior to beginning this program to verify course transferability.

Spaces in the Respiratory Care Program are limited. Please see the Respiratory Care Program Information Packet, at , for details on selective admission process.

The Respiratory Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC). They may be contacted at:
     Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care
    1248 Harwood Road
    Bedford, Texas 76021-4244
    Phone: 817.283.2835
    Fax: 817.354.8519

After initial acceptance to this program, all students are required to meet specific functional abilities - with or without accommodations - for successful completion of the program and to function safely and effectively in the variety of the profession’s settings. The specific functional requirements are found in the Functional Abilities / Core Performance Standards documents provided in the program information on the Respiratory Care website: . Students who think they may not be able to meet the functional standards and need accommodation are encouraged to contact the college ACCESS department as soon as this program is of interest.

Registration is by permission only. Information and applications may be obtained online at or the Health Sciences, Biology and Chemistry Office. To apply, students must:

  • Submit the required application form by the designated deadline
  • Provide proof of high school graduation or GED
  • Submit official copies of all college transcripts
  • Complete Collin College reading, writing and mathematics assessments
  • Overall GPA of 2.5 with a minimum grade of “C” in all prerequisite courses
  • Complete Psychological Services Bureau (PSB), Health Occupations Aptitude Exam prior to the application deadline
  • Agree to criminal background check. Findings from the background check that do not meet clinical affiliation specification will result in the student not being admitted to the program
  • Once admitted, student must pass a drug screen at the student’s expense, when requested and as directed by the program
  • Attend a student orientation prior to the start of the first semester in the program
  • Successful complete all program admission criteria (see Admission Packet)
  • Complete all immunizations required by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) *

    *  It is important to note that one of the required vaccinations, Hepatitis B, consists of a three dose series, which can take up to 7 months to complete. Individuals unable to receive the HBV must inform the Program Director. In such cases, the applicant must sign a declination form. All immunizations must be complete before assignment to clinical training.

Health Insurance - All Respiratory Care students are required to show proof of health insurance prior to starting clinical rotations each semester.

In addition to successfully completing the respiratory care curriculum, students are required to complete comprehensive CRT and RRT Self Assessment Examinations during the second year of the program.
  1.   The CRT Self Assessment Exam will be given in the fall semester of
        the second year.
  2.   The RRT Self Assessment Exams will be given in the spring semester
        of the second year.
          a. Written Registry Self Assessment Exam
          b.   Clinical Simulation Self Assessment Examination
  3.   Meet all Collin College graduation requirements.

Satisfactory completion of these exams is required for graduation from the program. Students who do not pass any of these exams will be required to complete prescribed remediation assignments and retest. The program reserves the right to limit the number of retests. Repeat testing will be at student expense.

The program, after admission to the college, offers a transition option to allow students who hold a CRT credential, have regionally accredited college credit in entry level respiratory care, and have one year of clinical experience as a respiratory therapist to enter the second year of the Respiratory Therapy Program, receive their degree and become registry-eligible. Content and clinical skill competency tests must be satisfactorily completed for students to enter this option. Contact the Program Director for more information.

AAS – Respiratory Care
72 credit hours

A)   Students planning to apply for admission to the program must have three of
      the four following prerequisite courses completed with a grade of "C" or better
      before the application deadline.
       1)   BIOL  2401   Anatomy and Physiology I
       2)   BIOL  2402   Anatomy and Physiology II
       3)   BIOL  2420   Microbiology for Non-Science Majors
       4)   HPRS 1204 Basic Health Profession Skills
B)   Students entering the program must be prepared to enter college-level
      mathematics by either completion of MATH-0310 or by placement at the
      MATH-1314 College Algebra level. Students must complete MATH-1314
      College Algebra during or before the fall semester of the program admission

Note: All science and mathematics courses that are part of the curriculum, but completed at a regionally accredited institution, must have been completed within five years of the fall semester for the fall semester of the admission year in order to receive transfer credit.

BIOL      2401       Anatomy and Physiology I1
BIOL      2402       Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL      2420       Microbiology for Non-Science Majors
HPRS     1204       Basic Health Profession Skills

First Semester

MATH   1314       College Algebra2
RSPT      1160       Clinical I - Respiratory Care Therapist
RSPT      1201       Introduction to Respiratory Care
RSPT      1307       Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology
RSPT      1410       Respiratory Care Procedures I

Second Semester
RSPT      1361       Clinical II - Respiratory Care Therapist
RSPT      1411       Respiratory Care Procedures II
RSPT      2217       Respiratory Care Pharmacology
RSPT      2310       Cardiopulmonary Disease

RSPT      1362       Clinical III - Respiratory Care Therapist
RSPT      2471       Respiratory Care Procedures III

First Semester

ENGL     1301       Composition I
     2301       General Psychology3
RSPT      2255       Critical Care Monitoring
RSPT      2353       Neonatal / Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Care
RSPT      2360       Clinical IV - Respiratory Care Therapist

Second Semester
PHIL      2303       Introduction to Formal Logic
                              (See Humanities / Fine Arts Options)
RSPT      2130       Respiratory Care Examination Preparation
RSPT      2139       Advanced Cardiac Life Support
RSPT      2231       Simulations in Respiratory Care
RSPT      2247       Specialties in Respiratory Care
RSPT      2361       Clinical V - Respiratory Care Therapist (Capstone)

1  No course substitutions
2. May substitute MATH-1316, MATH-1324, MATH-1325, MATH-1350,
   MATH-1351, MATH-2305, MATH-2312, MATH-2318 or MATH-2320
3. May substitute SOCI-1301

Note: The communication competency is met throughout the degree.

MSAA –Electrocardiography
9 credit hours

DSAE     1340       Diagnostic Electrocardiography
ECRD     1111       Electrocardiography
HITT      1305       Medical Terminology I
HPRS     1271       Introduction to the Healthcare   System 1

1.   May substitute HPRS-1204

Note: Some of the courses in this award program may require prerequisites. Please check the course descriptions.

Note: The second digit in a course number indicates the number of credit hours
for that course.

Resp Care 2007-052
Contact Information

Program Director:
Araceli Solis, BS, RRT, RCP
CPC - B203J

Academic Advisor:
Lisa Gibbs
CPC - D117F

Department Website: