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Benefits of Honors courses:

*Smaller class sizes foster open dialogue and debate among students and professors. *Honors notations on your transcript build stronger applications for scholarships and university admissions. *Articulation agreements with Honors programs at several local Universities. *Free Printing & scantrons *Thousands of dollars in Honors scholarships *Great preparation for courses at four-year schools. *Access to Honors Institute Student Resource Center with computer lab at Spring Creek (room F-102) and Preston Ridge Campus (room F-135) and Central Park Campus (D-205-207) *Same cost as traditional classes. 

Honors students have both the opportunity to win recognition here at Collin College and enhanced opportunities for admission and scholarships to reputable four-year colleges and universities.

For more information, check out our video. 

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Great new information for all students with a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA -

You are now able to register online on the FIRST DAY of registration, if you are registering for at least 1 Honors class in the process.

Again, you no longer have to come to campus to be manually registered, you may do it yourself online, and you no longer have to wait to start registering for classes.

This is great news for Honors students, congratulations!!

For questions regarding Honors or the Honors lab at CPC, please contact


For questions regarding Honors or the Honors lab at PRC, please contact


Honors Scholarship Information 

Honors Full Scholarship: worth $1250.00

- 2 awarded each fall semester; 3 awarded each spring semester. 

- Honors faculty nominate students for this award.


$500.00 Honors Foundation Scholarship (Congratulations to our 2013 winners: Kieu Nguyen and Nina Cook)

- 2 awarded each fall semester. 

- Application found on the Foundation website 


Traci Bawcom HISO Scholarship (Former called the "HISO Excellence Fund Scholarship")

 - Congratulations to our spring 2014 winners: Jessica Hunter, Lindsay Kline, Nicholas Ng

- amount awarded will pay for 1 in-county Honors class. 

- application found here.  


How to take advantage of the Honors benefits, such as free printing, scantrons, private study rooms, etc.

The SCC and PRC Honors Resource Labs are open 8am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. All Honors students (those with a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA) may simply enter and use the space.

The CPC Honors Resource Lab is available only to Honors students who are currently enrolled in an Honors class. An access code is required to enter the space. Your Honors professor can give you that code. 


Who is considered an "Honors" student?

Any student with a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA is automatically considered an Honors student, whether you are enrolled in Honors courses or not.

If you are not enrolled in Honors courses, you are strongly encouraged to do so. You will receive additional benefits, such as Honors designation on transcripts, Articulation Agreements and full-year scholarship opportunities.  


How to register for an Honors class:

High School students: If you are coming directly from a high school, please travel to the campus and bring an official copy of your transcript when you register. Your Advisor will over-ride you into the class.

Dual Credit students: You may register either in person or through CougarWeb online.

College Students: You may register either in person or through CougarWeb online.


How does Honors Priority Registration work? 

Students who are enrolling in at least 1 Honors class, may register on the first day of registration, no matter how many hours they have accumulated.

You may register early on-line or face to face.


Earn points toward your Health Science application!

The Programs listed below have agreed to apply "bonus" points to the applications of students wishing to apply to their Program, if the student takes select HONORS classes.

For more information, see the "Announcements" link to the right of this screen.

For more Program-specific information, check out these links:







Click here to receive Honors updates w/o giving out your phone number (and it's free)! 


What others are saying about Honors at Collin College

"It's comprehensive learning with other students who care about their grades. It's interactive and hands on rather than memorization. I loved taking honors classes!" ~Taylor Chavez, Collin College Honor Student


"We get to explore concepts from angles outside normal curriculum." ~Alex Fleming, Collin College Honor Student


Honors professors are highly credentialed, award-winning academicians who have a passion for teaching and seek to exemplify scholarship for their students.  Teaching Honors sections allows them the opportunity to take their teaching to the next level.


"For me, the Honors classes are different in process and product. In other words, my teaching style differs in that the Honors classes are led in a more seminar/discussion format. There is less lecturing and testing and more theoretical discussion & experimentation (hands on analysis).  Also, at the end of the semester, the Honors course has something tangible - a research paper written by the students. They are encouraged to present that research and try to have it published as well." ~ Jenny Warren, Professor of Communication Studies & Director of the Honors Institute.


"I am so happy to be part of Honors at Collin. I was very nervous when I took my first Honors course - College Algebra. I had not made an A in a math class since middle school. Because of Professor Galloway and the amazing Honors department, I can now say I made an A in my first college math course! I am so excited!" ~ Nina Cook, Collin College Honors student.


National Membership:

Collin College is a member of NCHC (the National Collegiate Honors Council)


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