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National Convergence Technology Center
National Convergence Technology Center

The National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) was established to meet the growing need for Convergence Technology and Networking specialists. The National CTC leverages the strengths of regional and national educational institutions and industry partners to create of pool of qualified convergence technicians who can design, build, and troubleshoot communication infrastructure and devices for enterprise and home markets. The National CTC is an Advanced Technology Education Center and is funded by the National Science Foundation.

The National CTC:

  • Engages educators, students and businesses to meet workforce needs through the promotion and implementation of convergence technology degree and certificate programs in colleges across the nation
  • Enables educators to bring the latest convergence technology information to their classrooms through quality professional development, curriculum assistance, and access to technology-enabled instructional support systems
  • Facilitates partnerships with the business community and convergence technology industry leaders to guide curriculum development and validate job skills required for future graduates.
  • Develops strategies to increase the number of students who successfully complete a certificate or degree program and are ready to meet the growing need for skilled IT specialists in the workforce

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What is Convergence Technology?

Convergence Technology Is . . .

  • The blending or integration of voice, video, and data into a single but flexible global communications network.
  • The merging together of products and capabilities of multiple vendors to create an integrated solution for the customer.

Learn more about the Convergence Technology degree and certificate program at Collin College.


The National Information Security, Geospatial Technologies Consortium (NISGTC) is a three year, $20 million Department of Labor grant that was based on the work done by several NSF ATE centers, including the Convergence Technology Center. The program offers services to individuals who are seeking short-term training and job placement assistance in 4 Information Technology (IT) areas. These areas consist of Cybersecurity, Geospatial Technology, Programming and Networking and Data Communications.

Participants can take advantage of the great array of incentives, that include:

  • Career Coaches
  • A State-of-the-Art Virtual Lab
  • Mentor Relationships
  • Internships
  • Private Tutoring Den
  • Special Advising
  • New and Updated Curriculum

To learn more about the services provided to Collin College IT students through the NIGSTC grant program, visit the website atL

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National CTC website:

Contact info:

Principal Investigator:
Ann Beheler
(972) 377-1649

Helen Sullivan
(972) 377-1648

Program Manager:
Mark Dempsey
(972) 377-1582

Administrative Assistant:
Heather O'Neil
(972) 377-1734


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